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Rumors erupt about 'Oscar Curse'

Bullock and James at the Oscars
Bullock and James at the Oscars
AP Photo/Peter Kramer


  • Julie 6 years ago

    Men just can not accept a woman being more successful or independent then them.

  • Whitney 6 years ago

    Oh, Julie, you bitch.

  • magneeta 6 years ago

    Think about ppl with longtime partners - they are probably "comfortable" with them, and this type of scrutiny (that of winning the coveted Best Actress Oscar) pushes the cozy couple out of that zone, hence both parties don't know quite how to react no matter how level-headed or put together either may seem. Chasms ultimately ensue...just seems to be the way of the Modern couple (driven by the force of a more modern woman).

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