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Rumored Poppins Project By Tim Burton Is Practically Perfect In Every Way


I just (finally) watched Saving Mr. Banks; the movie about the authoress behind the beloved Disney classic, Mary Poppins. I sat there with my family and cried my little eyes out (which actually isn’t all that uncommon) as I watched the tale of Mary Poppins unfold in a way that I never expected.

I loved Mary Poppins and I loved Saving Mr. Banks.

Now that brings us to a new rumor that has blown in from the east…a new film by Tim Burton that will tell a likely twisted tale of Mary Poppins, simply titled Poppins.

According to Doctor Disney, rumors of this project have been swirling since 2009; with Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp taking the lead roles in the film. Now while this sounds incredible–because let’s be honest, Burton, Carter, and Depp are a trio of perfection when it comes to films of this nature–these are, in fact, still rumors. Just brought back to life again thanks to a fan made poster for the alleged film.


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