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Rumored 'DmC: Devil May Cry' Next-Gen port reignites old animosities

 DmC: Devil May Cry

According to details posted on a Russian online retailer over the weekend, a Next-Gen version of DmC: Devil May Cry may be in the works and it has reignited old friction between old school gamers against fans of the reboot.

Retitled as DmC: Devil May Cry Ultimate, the game is a port that is rumored to bring the series to a new audience. Not much details have been given but its expected the game could be unveiled at Gamescom. Despite only being a rumor, the concept of a Next-Gen port has already reignited old debates and hate among gamers.

Once again message boards and chat rooms are besieged with gamers fighting among each other over the legacy of DmC: Devil May Cry. Meanwhile many in the game media are stumped if such a port is in the work due to the games controversy among the fans along with its commercial failure.

The reboot had caused a major division between gamers who disliked the makeover and those who welcomed the change. The biggest critic from fans was the game abandoned the series principal themes to make a simple hack & slash that was devoid of any real challenge. Fans of the reboot felt restarting the series was necessary while having brushed of critics as being upset over "changing Dante's hair".

Adding fuel to the flame was Ninja Theory not only ignoring fans but also insulting their criticism of the reboot. Not helping the debate had been pundits in the game media who had branded critics of the reboot as being "entitled".

Due to controversy of the reboot and the friction it caused between gamers, Capcom had to cut its projected sales by half. After its release, DmC: Devil May Cry would be critically praised while becoming a commercial failure.

Regardless if the rumors are true, gamers and fans have still not forgiven Capcom for DmC: Devil May Cry while its legacy is still a third rail in the gaming world

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