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Rumored Apple iWatch may be heavily into sports and fitness with Nike FuelBand

The iWatch
The iWatch

We all know that Apple always has something up its sleeve, or in this case, further down the wrist. The Apple iWatch, although not its official name, has long been rumored to be released sometime this 2014. iOS-compatible with a flexible OLED screen, it supposedly curves around the human body for a more ergonomic feel. It has a number of apps that can be used in conjunction with your iPhone, one of which is the rumored Healthbook app which serves as a person’s go-to utility for all health concerns.

Medication reminders, weight loss tracking, and an exercise companion aside, the “iWatch” monitors a person’s heart rate, vital signs, and overall fitness, which is why people are led to believe that it is mainly sport-centric. But doesn’t the market already have something along those lines with Nike?

Not anymore. More rumors and hearsays about the “iWatch” are surfacing day after day: it foregoes Wi-Fi for Bluetooth for device connectivity, its limited screen space only displays selected information, it may have Siri for ease of use. But the most solid information about the “iWatch” right now is that it most definitely has something to do with Nike slowing down its development of the FuelBand. The Nike FuelBand is a wrist-worn fitness activity tracker that mainly works with an Apple device. It tracks steps taken, sets goals and progress, and monitors energy burned. It even has an online community function where members can compete and compare their progress with each other for motivation. Now that Nike has discontinued the production of its wrist wearable, it is focusing instead on developing FuelBand apps exclusively available at Apple’s app store. This furthers the speculation that this decision is due to the complete integration of the FuelBand with the “iWatch”.

So is the “iWatch” really going to be all about sports now? We can never really tell until the official announcement. One thing is for sure: it will face tight competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which can take pictures from your wrist, and even Adidas’ partnership with renowned music streaming service Spotify. Adidas and Spotify have teamed up to give customers the perfect run with its new “Boost Your Run” campaign website. Runners simply fill up their city, their favorite running track, and answer the next two questions: “How far do you want to run?” “How hard do you want to go?” This results in a complete Spotify playlist with a fully functional map of routes in their area. That basically boosts your run more than anything else can.

While the release of the “iWatch” is still very much unknown, hardcore Apple fans can take comfort in the fact that there are a lot more rumored Apple products out there to look forward to, like the Apple EarPods: headphones with the biometric ability to track vital signs and other health and fitness functionalities as well. The much-anticipated iOS 8 is also believed to arrive later this year, so keep your fingers crossed while eagerly awaiting its launch.


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