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Rumor: Ubisoft's 'The Division' delayed

Ubisoft's highly anticipated online shooter, "The Division" could be delayed into 2015, according to a report Tuesday from Gamereactor.

Citing sources from within developer Ubisoft Massive, the site reports development on the shooter only recently began, all but ruling out the previously announced 2014 launch date.

"The game engine works well," the source told Gamereactor. "It's not done, but works well. The actual game development has barely started, however."

The source goes on to tell Gamereactor the developers are not happy with its publishers' insistence on such a date. The ambitious shooter is going to require a substantial development period, and there's no way Ubisoft Massive can get it ready this year, if the report is true.

"The fact that Ubisoft has gone public with a 2014 release date feels laughable to be perfectly honest, we will never be able to release 'The Division' this year," the source said. "It's a large project, and we have very far to go."

Ubisoft is no stranger to delaying its high profile titles. The upcoming open-world hacking game "Watch Dogs" was unveiled in a similar manner as "The Division," at E3 2012, and was scheduled to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before being delayed at the last minute to an ambiguous "early 2014" window. Its racing title "The Crew" was similarly delayed with no new release date. The publisher still has yet to show any progress on the previously announced "Rainbow 6: Patriots," which was supposed to be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year, before being completely pulled from the release calendar.

A delay for "The Division" would not be surprising, and would actually be quite an anti-climatic announcement.

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