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Rumor: Sony having issues with PS4 emulation, disc compatibility possible

Sony's controllers through the years
Sony's controllers through the years

One of the main complaints longtime Sony fans have had with the PlayStation 4 is its lack of backwards compatibility. We first heard reports of PlayStation and PS2 emulation, as well as PS3 streaming, back in January. Now it seems that Sony may be having a more difficult time with this process than we initially believed. Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed elaborated on this with a string of tweets earlier this morning.

I don't know what Sony's plans are concerning disc playback. What I have heard is the emulation experience ranges from absolutely amazing 1080p to terribly buggy single FPS garbage. Sony doesn't want to ship a half baked product with people complaining about inaccurate features...I am legitimately telling you the PS2 emulation is real, if you want local disc playback, make noise. They've made a reputation by listening.

While Rasheed may be a reputable tipster, it's important to remember that these statements are not a confirmation that Sony will bring disc-based backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4, nor that they are even considering it. However, he is correct in saying that Sony is known for listening to their fans, many of whom have been asking for this feature since the console's announcement. We'll have more information regarding PS4 emulation if, and when Sony makes an official statement.

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