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RUMOR: Just Cause 3 may be released in 2015

Gameplay from Just Cause 2
Gameplay from Just Cause 2
Avalanche Studios

It's been almost four years since the last game in the Just Cause series was released. Just Cause 2 was praised by many a gamer because of its absolutely absurd gameplay and physics - most games don't focus on just blowing stuff up, but Just Cause 2 did it gloriously.

...but aside from a hugely popular multiplayer mod, the Just Cause series has gone completely silent. There's been no word from the developers besides a cryptic tweet from last year (which many believe to be unrelated to Just Cause).

Now, while it's far from an official announcement, Christofer Sundberg has listed an unannounced sandbox game in his LinkedIn profile. Christofer Sundberg, for those who don't know, is the president of Avalanche Studios, the creators of Just Cause, so it makes sense for the listing to reference the next game. What's more interesting is that the listing refers to the game's release date and platforms as "June 2015 for next-generation console platforms."

Again, it's far from a confirmation, but given the's safe to assume that something is headed our way.

We'll have more as the story develops.