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Rumor: 'Infamous: Second Son' sells 1 million copies in under 9 days on PS4

1 million units in 9 days would set a PlayStation 4 record.
1 million units in 9 days would set a PlayStation 4 record.

It's no secret at this point in time that Sony's PlayStation 4 is an absolute sales monster. Erasing Nintendo's year head start with the Wii U and belittling Microsoft's Xbox One into discounted package prices, Sony's PlayStation 4 has become the best selling "next gen" console in a few short months.

Sadly sales numbers do not guarantee a plethora of games, and although the console itself is doing amazingly well, it still takes time for developers to releases quality content. Because of this, when a quality game is released, gamers take note. Case in point; Infamous: Second Son has rapidly sold over 1 million copies in under 9 days.

The report comes from EL33T Online, who claims to have the report via an official Sony press release. If true, these numbers will set a new record for PlayStation 4 software records (time wise), and is a well deserved success, given the softwares utilization of hardware making it undoubtably PlayStation 4's best looking title to date.

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