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Rumor: Fuji working on mirrorless medium format camera

The rumor mill is kicking into high gear over the idea that Fujifilm is working on a medium format, mirrorless camera line to be unveiled as early as the end of summer. The information comes via two anonymous (of course!) sources who have contacted the website Fuji Rumors.

So, could this be true?

Personally, I'd take this information with a grain of salt as the editor of Fuji Rumors even suggests readers do, too.

Disclaimer aside, if the rumors are true, the possibilities with the new camera series are intriguing. For starters, the camera is said to be using the same Sony-made chip as is used in the Pentax 645d and will look like the X-Pro1, albeit much larger. Lastly, the camera could hit stores as early as the end of summer.

Needless to say, the possibility is intriguing, but could the rumor be true?

My take: possibly. To create a whole new type of camera and launch it with lenses to go along with it is a major undertaking. However, Fuji, one of the smaller players in the photographic industry, has done just this in the last 2 years with its X-mount line. In the years since the X-Pro1 and the couple of lenses announced with it, Fuji's X-mount lineup has grown considerably in both cameras and optics, meaning that it is possible for even a smallish company to pull off this endeavor.

That said, it seems as though Fuji could have the resources to go the direction of launching a new system overnight. The big question is whether Fuji's top brass has determined that such a course of action will be profitable.

In the end, only time will tell.

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