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Rumor: Disney Wants Bradley Cooper to Lead 'Indiana Jones 5'

Bradley Cooper as the next Indiana Jones?
Bradley Cooper as the next Indiana Jones?

When Disney swallowed up Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars, the natural assumption was they would also get cracking on a new Indiana Jones adventure. But that didn't happen, with Disney CEO Alan Horn stating quite simply "We haven’t done anything. We don’t have a story. We need a story.” It was some time later that Disney gave all of those Indy fans hope by acquiring the rights to all future Indiana Jones movies, but still there's been no movement on a fifth film even though Harrison Ford is eager to do one.

That could all be about to change if the latest bombshell rumor is true. According to Latino Review, Disney recognizes the window of opportunity to get moving on a new Indiana Jones film with Ford is closing fast. The actor is in his 70s now and is expected to return for Star Wars: Episode VII and (possibly) a new Blade Runner film, meaning there are only so many action movies left for him. The story goes if they don't start production on it by a specific date, then they'll move on to somebody else as the wise-cracking adventurer. Are we talking reboot, here? Well, not exactly.

Instead, the plan would be to recast Indy the same way James Bond has been recast over the years. And apparently tops on Disney's list to take over the role is Bradley Cooper. He's just one of a few names they are considering at this point, and it doesn't sound as if any formal talks have begun with anybody. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Ford had come to an agreement on what the next story should be, but that was a long time ago before Disney got into the mix. Now they're basically starting from scratch, with a pitch apparently coming from Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption).

Basically, what we have is Bradley Cooper ending up on a wishlist for a film we know Disney is going to make at some point. The Indiana Jones franchise is too profitable to let sit in limbo for much longer.