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Rumor: Demon's Souls 2 announcement incoming


Dengeki is either playing games with our hearts or a big announcement concerning Demon's Souls is possibly coming our way very soon. In the latest Dengeki Games podcast, they hint at a big announcement of an unannounced sequel to a title that was released last year and it'll release this fall. The title is described as very hard and interesting -- exactly what Demon's Souls was.

Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls was one of the hardest games released last year and it even managed to win 'Game of the Year' by several outlets despite the high-level of difficulty. There is no mention of the developer or anything else about the game in the podcast, but with the slight game description, it does sound like Demon's Souls.

For now, this is still a rumor until an official announcement is made. If you managed to miss this amazing title last year, you should pick it up. Below, we have some screens for you to gaze at of the first title. Maybe they'll help convince you to buy the game or, for those of us who played it, will bring back sweet memories of the amazing adventure the game offered.

Via NeoGAF


  • efoij 5 years ago


  • tarbis 5 years ago

    Demon's Souls 2!!! I really need to finish the first one >_<

  • dam6655 5 years ago

    Demon's Souls is one of the best rpgs I have played in a long time.

  • ted 5 years ago

    Demon's Souls 2~ I will pre-order it right now.

  • Anthony 5 years ago

    The game isn't Demon Souls 2, i don't think. It could be another Yakuza title or well anything that was recently said but not offically announced, like Red Faction Gurrilla 2

  • killa p 5 years ago

    Demon's souls is my shi* but it's too early for ds2, I still need to finish the first one

  • KittensWithBeer 5 years ago

    A bit early for a sequel, but if it is really coming out, I'll have to pick it up on release.

  • Demon!! 5 years ago

    It's not to soon guys. The game came out in Feb in Japan of last year. So it's been a yr and the game could be announced.

  • xwabbit 5 years ago


  • ALMQHOR 5 years ago

    Yes FROMSOFTWARE please do it. Demon Soul 2, Demon Soul 2, Demon Soul 2, Demon Soul 2, Demon Soul 2, Deeeeeeeeemmmmoooooooonn Sooooouuul 2.

  • yo yo 5 years ago

    gimme more Demon's soul please

  • Pat 5 years ago

    If this is the truth, it will bring tears of joy to my eye. This title is possible my favorite game of all time. Give me more please.

  • Josh 5 years ago

    I would love this even tho i have dont the first one about 17-20 times when it came out i played it all the time best game ever Number 2!!

  • blacksharinganx 5 years ago

    demon souls 2 for sure man , BRING IT DONT BE DUMB F@CKS!

  • David Macphail 5 years ago

    Demon's Souls 2? Demon's Souls 2???

    Sony haven't bothered to release Demon's Souls 1 in Europe yet and now they want to announce the sequel? What the hell are they playing at? Why don't you concentrate on finishing the launch of Demon's Souls 1 before thinking about Demon's Souls 2?

  • Tim 5 years ago


    Well, if this rumor is true... It has 90% chance to be demon's souls 2.
    1) Red Faction Gurrilla 2 doesn't release in Japan. 0% chance.
    2) Yakuza 3 will be out for PS3 in March 2009. 0% chance.
    3) Ninja Gaiden Sigma series may have 10% chance. However, Tecmo Koei already announce to release a new IP TRINITY: Souls of Zill Oll ps3 exclusive.

    Plus, some key words such as very hard, very interesting, and big announcement really implies that it is going to be demon's souls 2.

  • FOOOOOKYES 5 years ago







  • mr_COOKIEboy 5 years ago

    ohhhh please make a demons souls 2!!! this game is like my effing lifeeee, ill jizz in my pants if this comes trueee!

  • DokiMcD 5 years ago

    I need more Demon's Souls in my life!!

    Eugh just imagine a whole sequel, along with planned DLC including additional levels following its release...I would be in heaven...

    From Software you know what to do!!!

  • evilone 5 years ago

    bring it ..i want demons souls 2..

  • sniper247 5 years ago

    ya we need or add more bored s to the last one

  • ??????? 5 years ago

    Almost certainly Demon's Souls. I can't wait! I just hope it is longer, or rather more expansive, because the first was linear in my least favorite way. (I loved the game very much, I just think the levels should have been larger. That said, I think the original had amazing level designs.)I also wanted to point out that to those who think otherwise: 1. Having demon's souls in the article title means that they likely have had a little more than a small hint, and 2. being described as very challenging, that is meant to help build hype. For those reasons, I believe the clues point to DS 2.

  • Jeff 5 years ago

    Damn would I love to see a sequel to Demon's Souls! I can't remember the last time I've been so into a game, and I'm a huge RPG fan. I could not put the controller down! "Just one more hour, Oh crap, the sun is coming up!" lol Probably the best gaming experience I've ever had!

  • Gonzo 5 years ago

    I'm with you guys, let's see a sequel to an absolutely amazing game! I can barely calm myself at the thought...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    demons souls ftw nuff said

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