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Rumer Willis 3 boob shirt: Willis girls strike again with breast righteousness

Oh, those Willis girls and their boob causes seem to make headline news with nipple talk or boob power more often than most people. Rumer Willis created a buzz when she attended an event wearing a T-Shirt depicting three boobs, according to The Gloss on June 20.

Rumer Willis, wearing a 3 boob shirt is standing next to the director of the film "Free the Nipple!"

It looks as if the big sister is not as free spirited when it comes to going topless as her little sister Scout. Although she still knows how to drive a point home showing up at the Free Nipple Campaign sporting not one, not two, but three boobs on her shirt.

Apparently Rumer was at the event to support her little sister who did free her nipples along the streets of Manhattan not too long ago. When asked about her sister's lone demonstration walking topless through NYC, Rumer said she "was really shocked at first because she didn't tell me right away," according to Yahoo News today.

O.K., Rumer was shocked that her sister didn't tell her about her protest, not the fact that her sister went topless in the Big Apple in the middle of the day. It is probably hard to shock the two daughters of Demi Moore, as she has flaunted her body donned in tiny bikinis for decades in selfies she takes in the bathroom mirror.

It seems as if this made Rumer feel like she was still part of the campaign without going topless as some choose to do. She is getting as much attention for her three boob shirt as her sister Scout did last month when she took up a topless cause all of her own.

Scout walked all by herself topless around mid-town Manhattan to protest Instagram's policy on breasts. She feels that the woman's breast should not be something that's consider inappropriate in public. She did her best with her breast protest, but unfortunately Instagram's policy stays.

During the event Rumor posed with Lina Esco, the director of the film "Free the Nipple" and Esco wore a t-shirt that depicted bigger breasts than Rumers t-shirt, but her boobs had an "X" hiding each nipple. The nipple creativity was just running rampant at the event!

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