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RumChata review and St. Patrick's Day recipe

RumChata (27.5 proof) is part rum, part horchata and completely awesome! Once you taste it, you will be ruined for all other liqueur's. Seriously. It is akin to the sweetest milk, plus a very slight alcoholic burn. Very slight. It's mostly delicious.

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The nose is rich, full and cinnamon-laden. Your first sip tastes just as the nose promised. There isn't much difference between RumChata and horchata, excepting that horchata can be watery and there is nothing watery about RumChata. It is thick, full, bold and sweet. Ahhhhhhh...

RumChata® St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Green Libation

The Kentucky Grasshopper
2 parts RumChata®
1 part creme de menthe
1/2 part Bourbon
Splash heavy cream (optional)

Can be enjoyed as a martini, on the rocks, or as a sweet, layered shot (separate bourbon with creme de menthe).

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