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RumChata; a new twist on a favorite Spanish drink

If you're of Spanish descent then at least once in your life you've had some horchata. Horchata is sweet milky drink made of rice, cinnamon, sugar and ground almonds or tigernuts that has its origins rooted in ancient Egypt. If you've never tried it, it may not sound appealing but to those that have it's a creamy sweet drink that can't get any better. Or can it?

Photo courtesy of RumChata, used with permission

New to the market is RumChata. RumChata is a delicious mixed from scratch mixture of horchata and Caribbean rum that is then homogenized with real dairy cream. It's so delicious that will transform an ordinary night into an exciting one. Don't believe it can? Just watch the video attached of the girl who is bored watching her boyfriend and his friends play video games and hog the TV. Once she takes a sip of RumChata, the boys transform into a boy band circa 1999 and her evening takes an interesting turn!

RumChata doesn't have to be served alone and can easily be mixed or incorporated into other cocktails and recipes. Add a twist to your next Banana Foster by using RumChata instead or spice up your next Sweet Potato Casserole. Not just for cold cocktails or drinks, RumChata can also be used to spice up your lattes, cappuccinos, eggnog or iced coffee.

RumChata Iced Coffee:

1 part RumChata

3 parts room temperature coffee or 1 part Java Juice espresso concentrate with 2 parts water

Shake with ice and pour into a tall glass.

The ideas are as limitless as your imagination! Be careful when mixing with juices or anything high in citric acids like soft drinks. RumChata will curdle but not in an undrinkable way, more of any unappealing way instead. Soft drinks like A&W or Dad's Root Beer are low in citric acid so they won't curdle and make for a mean RumChata Root Beer Float!

RumChata Root Beer Float

1 part RumChata

3 parts A&W or Dad's Root Beer

Combine over ice in a large glass. Careful: to avoid separation please pour root beer over ice first, then add RumChata to cooled root beer. A&W® or Dad's® Root Beer are recommended as they seem to separate less than other brands.

To learn more about RumChata and see more RumChata videos subscribe to their YouTube channel by clicking here. For more RumChata recipes or to submit your own unique creation visit RumChata at

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