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Rumble: Boxer dumped at animal shelter because he's too old UPDATE

Rumble is scheduled to be euthanized; please help this dog find a happy ending. He still has many years ahead of him.
Rumble is scheduled to be euthanized; please help this dog find a happy ending. He still has many years ahead of him.
Celeste Charles

UPDATE: Rumble has left the building. Many thanks to everyone who helped to spread the story of this beautiful dog. Sharing saves lives. For an updated photo of Rumble, please visit the National Pet Examiner Facebook page by clicking here.

Easy going Rumble has no idea why he has been separated from the only home he has ever known. Easy going Rumble has no idea why he is a terrified prisoner in a kennel with other barking and scared dogs. Easy going Rumble has no idea he is on Saturday's list to be euthanized because he's an owner surrender, he's a senior and no one is interested in him.

Try to explain to a dog whose life revolved around his family who suddenly swept him away, that he is yesterday's trash. And what were his former owner's parting words to a dog that had most likely slept in their bed or nibbled food from their fingers? Sadly only nine words summed up their feelings towards their dog:

"He's too old and we no longer want him."

Rumble was surrendered on July 10, and his exit date was listed as July 14. (Owners are given a few days to change their minds) The extremely depressed pooch sits in C342 waiting for his family to return.

Click here for Rumble's adoption listing information.

Click here for Rumble's PetHarbor listing.

Several pages on Facebook have been set up to help find a safe foster or rescue for Rumble. Donations have been pledged to help a legitimate and approved organization with any expenses related to this dog if they come forward to help.

Please click here for one of the rescue threads.

Please click here to view his video.

Another video is posted here.

CONTACT: Mary Koger at Boxer Rescue LA @ 760.580.9311 if you can help Rumble.

Please for information call the shelter. Ask for A4732041

Please share Rumble's story with your friends, family and coworkers. It only takes a moment to forward the story and only takes one special person to find it in their heart to help Rumble.

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