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Rules for living in evolution

During all the debates about life being created, or life being an evolutionary process, no one has ever entered the morals, spiritual, or the development of the conscience. If there no human or animal life on this earth, what was the "glue" that kept everything together, organized, and responding to its surroundings as it should? When that single cell developed that would cause it to be considered advance to its surroundings, what would cause it to behave in a manner that make it different from its surroundings? As it went through the different phases of being a fish, in the sea, to walking on land, to becoming a monkey, to a caveman, to present day man, what natural laws kept it in check and causing it to be social at different levels of development?

None of these points are ever discussed when debating evolution. In fact, I don't remember a creationist bringing up those points. If you believe in evolution, you believe that a life form evolves into something superior FROM something that is inferior. It cannot pull things out of the air or from nothing to give it a spiritual side, or make a conscience , or live by some form of moral laws. Evolution contains NO Spiritual ELEMENT WHATSOEVER. So to infuse any kind of spiritual aspect into an evolutionary life form is just not possible. Where would it come from? Would God then assert Himself on a life after it has evolved to a certain point? I think not.

Now we are back to creationism to be true and fact. God created the heavens and Earth from nothing. He created the waters, plants and animals from nothing. Evolution can not ever start from nothing. The only part of creation that was not started from nothing was man and woman, because God wanted a connection with them. He breathed His Spirit into them, forever making man and woman his own, in His own likeness. After who's likeness was the evolved man to look like? So the question being asked again, how during the evolutionary process, did the spirit, conscience, and morality enter into life?

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