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Rules For Holy Living

We are the "X" factor.
We are the "X" factor.

Welcome to a new teaching series entitled, "Christianity X".

This series will give the reader an insight into what it is really like to walk in Christian faith. Since time began, humans have been indoctrinated with religious theory, without really understanding what they were being taught. The "Church", in all its pomp and circumstance, dictated how Scripture was presented and interpreted.

The Word of God tells us we indeed have the 'mind of Christ", as the Holy Spirit dwells within us as Christians. So, why then must we accept the translation of "Preachers", who manipulate the Scriptures to their own advantage? Scripture was given to us in order to communicate with our God. Our relationship with Christ is extremely personal and how we communicate with Him is as well!

We don't need some self proclaimed scholar to spoon feed us a skewed interpretation of God's Holy Word, when we have the ability to digest it just fine on our own!

This is the premise behind Christianity X. Subjects that are straight forward and right out of God's Word. No re-hashing or reconstructing Scripture...simply subject matter the present day Christian can consider and apply to their every day life.

So stay tuned and enjoy!

Today, I will provide the outline for our first subject...Rules For Holy Living.

The following are the 10 Rules For Holy Living. I will comment on each with a Scripture reference in the next installment. You can reference this list by looking up Colossians 3 in your Bible:

1. Desire Heaven - Not Earth

2. Remember...You're Dead

3. Kill Yourself

4. Clean the Cup Boards

5. Don't Lie to Each Other

6. No Prejudices - There Are 2 Types of People

7. Put Your Clothes On!

8. Forgive Each Other

9. Own Love, Peach and Thankfulness

10. Sing and Do For the Lord

That should give you something to chew on for now. Remember, I will continue with the full teaching in the next installment.

Until then....READ YOUR BIBLE!

Reverend Robbie

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