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Rules For Charlotte's Web In Florida

Rules For Charlotte's Web In Florida
Rules For Charlotte's Web In Florida

In a packed room in Tallahassee, Florida Legislators began the process of how to grow, distribute, and control the medical marijuana known as Charlotte's Web. The Governor of Florida Rick Scott signed the bill for the use of medical marijuana nearly a month ago. The distribution will begin to take place January 1, 2015.

Charlotte's Webb is not a form of pot that you will be able to get high on. It will only have a small amount of THC that simply helps the CBD of the plant to form. It is the CBD that will be used as an oil in most cases and will help children who suffer from epileptic fits and seizures. In some cases the number of seizures a child may have drops from say 300 to 3 a week. This will enable these children to at least have some sort of life rather than being a tormented individual.

For the growers of this form of medical marijuana most of the people gathered wanted to make sure of the quality of the marijuana used. Across the state their are some 41 nurseries that are able to grow the pot. This will lead to a lottery of who will participate in the growing of the medical marijuana. They must have bonded money available to ensure that they will be in the drawing. Some feel that this will lead to monopolies of the growers and possible price gouging.

The hope is also that the growers will also become the distributors to the public. They are also looking at times and hours of operations that are being looked at. The only way that a person would be able to get the marijuana is through a prescription by an authorized Doctor.

The room was packed and most of the spectators were parents with ill children or those who will be involved in the growing and distribution of the marijuana. Most seemed happy that they have even gotten this far. For the parents they see this as a big step in the care of their children. For the businesses they are seeing dollar signs and are loving the idea of being able to make this happen. Everybody is looking at Colorado and how well their operation of the marijuana trade is going. This is a big step for Florida and may get even bigger if Amendment 2 which is medical marijuana with a high dose of THC. The THC would help those who are battling cancer and similar diseases. Either way as they use to say, we've come a long way baby. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to