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Rulers of the ink cartridges market - top 5 brands

The printers have become a common entity nowadays. Every modern home, office, organization, institution or a company has a few of these machines as hard copies of digital documents are required for every purpose. For sending a copy of a letter, making a project or getting mark sheets printed, the printer is the machines that a person turns to. With the growth of computers, printers have also assumed a huge significance as much of the important documentation needs to be kept in hard copy, for sharing, safe keep or for any other reason. So in this era when we make documents, designs, slides, type letters, send and receive emails, download data, all on one computer, the importance of the printer has become even more momentous. This brings us to THE most important aspect of printers, the Ink and the toner.

There is a huge competition nowadays among the top printing ink making companies to stay at the top of this market segment as it is a booming one and is likely to grow in the decades to come. As a result, top companies, which earlier were competing only in the PC business, have now entered the competition for market share. This has brought down the prices of inks and toners and improved the quality of the products as each company tries to offer the maximum features in the minimum cost. The top five companies in the ink cartridge market have been mentioned below.

Canon- The Top Ink Cartridge Company

Canon boasts of being the most loved ink cartridge company in the world as its products are high quality and low cost as compared to other premium companies in the market. The large variety of toners available is also a pulling factor as it gives a lot of choice to the people in terms of cost, usage and quality. Being a printer making company, it is able to manufacture products that would go well with the people's needs.

Epson- A Major Competitor in the Cartridge Market

Epson is in no way behind Canon in terms of quality and cost effectiveness. It also specializes in making good quality toners and cartridges, which are affordable for the normal users and are available in many varieties. The company is a major player in the world printing ink market and has huge sales in all major ink consuming countries.

HP- The All Rounder

Having made a name for itself in the PC, printer and laptop business, HP has set forth to capture the market of printing ink and toners also. With a large range of products, ranging from mid to premium range for the large variety of printers that it makes, the company has succeeded in making a mark in the segment. It is one of the most popular companies manufacturing inks and cartridges used in offices, companies and organization, besides those used in homes. Having a presence in every segment of the computer business has put it in the perfect position for expanding in the printing ink market. And HP is a name that invokes trust and brand loyalty among customers, making it a symbol for quality and excellence.

Brother- A less Known Name but Much Used One

Brother is a company that is growing at a fast rate in the printing ink business. The company is rapidly expanding and setting up stores across continents, for expanding its printing ink and toner business, because of which it has become a major player in the market. Quality and affordability are the two main factors which have catapulted the company and made it a household name.

IBM- A Symbol of Quality

Even though it is known to be the pioneer in the PC business, IBM's entry into the printing ink and toner market was not a surprise to people. Over the years, it has succeeded in making a mark with its technology and focus on quality, so much so that it has become a major competition for the well established players in the printing market. It still remains to be seen whether it can dethrone the top players and make a place for itself at the top.