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Rule4 voted Baltimore's best contractor website 2010



  • Norma Jean Keefer 5 years ago

    as the webmaster of Rule 4... 'popularity" is also measured by human visitors to your site ,"engagement" and length of visit... "in-bound" links from authoritative higher ranking sites are good for a google page rank however if the link does not bring you business or traffic it could hurt you in the long run if it is not a "relevant", traffic producing element on your home page...

    There are many 'factors' that aid in the visibility and ranking of your site... but hiring an expert search engine optimizer who happens to have marketing experience is a wise investment these days...

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Website might be good but their excessive employee turnover is a disgrace! You might talk to the same person for maybe 3 months if you're lucky and then, POOF they're gone! Longevity and loyalty doesn't appear to be their strong suit. Other than the owner, there probably isn't a person on staff that has been there more than 18 - 24 months. Tells me something!

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