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Ruggles Green

Ruggles Green at 2311 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77098
Ruggles Green at 2311 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77098
Nathan J Bonassin

Perhaps it's old new, but I found a great new burger joint yesterday. The resteraunt has been there quite a while, I just never thought to stop in until now. My wife and I have started a new diet which only allows us to eat food that is fresh, nothing frozen, nothing canned, and definitely nothing freeze dried. That doesn't necessarily mean organic, but it sure is easier to use organic than not in this case.

That said, I stopped by Ruggles Green, over on West Alabama yesterday.The restaurant is Houston's first certified green food establishment. The food served is always fresh and some it is grown on site. I ordered the buffalo burger. As can be expected, I really tasted the freshness of what I was eating. There was very little seasoning on the buffalo meat, so the natural flavor of the meat really stood out. The burger comes served on a whole wheat bun, with homemade pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomato slices. Order it with the mozzarella and it sure to please. Burgers come with the choice of either the good old classic potato fries or the sweet potato fries, which I intend to try out on my return trip.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great. The walls are decorated with art for sale that has been created by local artists. Music fills the air, as does the conversation of friends. On a cool day, be sure to check out their patio too. It's also not to far from Amy's Ice Cream for dessert afterwards.

The pricing is very reasonable for green food. For two people, burgers, ice tea, and tip came out to about $35, which is about what I'd expect to pay at Chili's, just without the weighed down, congestive heart failure feeling.