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Rugged Maniac obstacle course race and festival hits Brooklyn, Saturday June 28

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Rugged Maniac is a well known obstacle course in which you go down a waterfall, crawl through underground tunnels, and even leap fire in a single bound, (or a singing bound if you don't jump high enough) is coming to Brooklyn on Saturday, June 28th from 9am until the early afternoon at Aviator Field near Floyd Bennett Field at 3159 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

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Once your run is over there there is ample opportunity for fun to begin, as everyone is entitled to one free beer courtesy of Harpoon Brewery. Remember there is always room for more than one brew and opportunity.

I know many of you are scratching your heads on why something like the Rugged Maniac is appearing on nightlife. Well I'm more than happy to tell you why I am writing about the Rugged Maniac. Whether it is events like Rugged, or Tough Mudder there is a lot of fanfare for these events. There are few things as fun as doing a giant obstacle course with friends and dozens of other folks too. It is also a great challenge for self like going against an obstacle course not for whose number one, but how well can I do against this and how strong/tough am I? I've seen friends gather together for these and they are having an absolute blast! Afterwards people are gathered together not in trash talk, (though there is a little between friends) but in a celebration of making it through the course which always goes down more merrily when having a few brews afterwards. Let me also add this in, you can't do this in the middle of the winter, this is a late spring/summer/early fall events. So when these opportunity comes around, get in here and enjoy it.

Now here's the important details. Registration is still open in person for $100 including T-shirt, and of course your free drink. Some of you may scoff at the cost but then again a full obstacle course doesn't come cheap especially in New York City. Check out the pictures to see what fun it is.