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Ruger introduces the American Rimfire

Shooters who grew up with a bolt action like I did may be attracted to this new offering from Ruger. It is a bolt action that takes 10/22 magazines, ten or twenty-five rounders, and is available in compact as well as standard size.

This is a good addition to Ruger's offerings, and would be in place in the event of an unlikely successful plan by the gun banners to ban semi-auto rifles where you live.

Having cut my teeth on a bolt action .22, I learned at an early age that one could empty its five round magazine in a very short time, giving a lie to the notion that a bolt action is somehow less lethal that an auto-loader.

Gun banners have indicated over and over again that they will never stop attempting to ban any and all types of firearms. Unlike Goldilocks, they can never find a gun that is just right. So, they always are looking for something else to ban, either a magazine size or a cosmetic feature.

Many people are unaware that the semiautomatic rifle has been around nearly as long as the bolt action. In other words, when one uses the phrase military-style semiautomatic weapon, they are talking about technology that has been readily available to Americans for one hundred and seventy years. The functional difference between these and those is the addition of a pistol grip, a flash suppressor, and a bayonet lug. Objecting to these features makes as much sense as objecting to racing stripes or the 5.8 liter engine of the Shelby GT500.

The root cause of violent deaths is unrelated to the availability of firearms of any types. Perpetrators of death, whether with a knife, a bludgeon, hands and feet, or firearms, almost always come from that subculture of our society that are repeat offenders. They are the product of our catch and release criminal (in)justice system. They are the product of broken homes, often without a father figure. They are the product of the hopelessness created by our welfare society. They are the product of the easy money to be gained through illicit drug trade.

I look to Ruger to introduce still more exciting firearms as they catch up on their recent backlog. Any could be, in a pinch, pressed into service to defend against violent unlawful aggression. Congratulations to Ruger on a well thought out system. Now, if they would just build my dream .22 Magnum semiautomatic handgun.


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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 22:3 (NLT)


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