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Rufus Wainwright to rap?

Rufus Wainwright--whom Elton John has called the greatest singer-songwriter in the world--is contemplating a new outlet: rapping.

Rufus Wainwright, who is contemplating adding rap to his repertoire.

"I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at rap," the baroque pop musician said in an interview with the Telegraph.  "I’ve been recording snippets on my BlackBerry."

Wainwright, who's been openly gay since his teen years, recently caused a stir by "outing" rapper 50 Cent.  "Feel free to call me anytime, 50 Cent," he said in an interview.

‘"Oh the furore [sic]!" he commented. "I got in so much trouble for that! He wasn’t too pleased. I just think he’s cute, that’s all."

Best known for his wry lyrics and operatic range, Wainwright will play Chicago's Bank of America Theater on Friday, August 13.  Click here for tickets.  His eighth and latest album, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu, is out now.


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