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Ruffles for Valentine's Day

Ruffled top
Ruffled top
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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter!) ruffles are in! Ruffles can add texture to an outfit, whether it is a shirt, skirt, dress, or an accessory. And who doesn’t want to add a little excitement to a plain outfit?

The rules for ruffles are:
1. pick the right kind for the occasion
2. don’t over-do it

Picking the right kind:

In order to decide on what kind of ruffle you would like, ask yourself a few questions:
1.) What time of day will you wear this outfit?
2.) What kind of statement do you want to make?

Daytime: If you are looking to wear ruffles during the day (perhaps to work) you should go for a larger ruffle that lays flat. This way it is not making a bold statement but rather stating that you have great workplace style. Stick to neutral colors in this situation. This is the time to show class and style, not the leopard-print ruffle top you wore to the bar last week.

Weekend/Casual: If you are wearing ruffles for the weekend, or casual night out – go for a smaller ruffle. Although the ruffle is smaller, there is usually more of them so it will still add texture and style to your outfit. This is more of a ‘preppy’ look, which is also a little more relaxed than you would wear for a workday. You can step it up with color in this situation. You could wear any color that you feel suits the occasion but stay away from dressy fabrics (ex: satin).

: If you are looking to wear ruffles in the evening or for a special occasion – go with a silk fabric with ruffle embellishment. Think ‘dressy and delicate’. Color is completely dependent on the occasion in this situation. Black is always classy but feel free to go with a bright pink or a pattern/print for an evening out.

Don’t over-do it:

As it is with most things in the fashion world – too much of a good thing is BAD! This goes for ruffles too so be sure to balance it out. Here are some helpful hints for balance with ruffles:

• Only have one item of clothing with ruffles at a time (don’t wear a shirt AND a skirt with ruffles – this will make you look bigger than you are)

• Stay away from items of clothing that are completely covered in ruffles. The ruffle embellishment should not ‘take-over’ the outfit - it should enhance it.

If you are not comfortable with wearing ruffles or feel as though they add too much volume to your body – you can always accessorize with ruffles. Handbags are a great way to do this! Ruffles are being added to small clutches as well as large oversized totes. So whatever your style is, you can add this to your outfit.

Target is a great place to find trendy handbags and clothing and the prices are great too! 

Remember, style is all in how you carry yourself so wear those ruffles proudly! And have a Happy Valentine’s Day no matter who you are celebrating with! 

Local Target:
3970 Southwest Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608-2342
(352) 376-5260


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