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Rueben burgers recipe


One of the best things about summer is grilling burgers. Rueben sandwiches and burgers are both favorites, so this recipe combines the two in a tasty way.

Rueben burgers recipe
  • Lean ground hamburger
  • Swiss cheese chunks
  • Sauerkraut
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Rye buns
Divide the ground meat into 3-4 equal portions, for ¼ lb or 1/3 lb burgers. Shape the meat into a ball making a well in the center for the cheese. Drop a few small chunks of Swiss cheese in the well and shape the meat around to cover the cheese. Then, flatten into a patty, keeping the cheese in the middle. Repeat for remaining portions. Grill or cook the hamburgers as you normally would.
Once the burgers are cooked, top each with sauerkraut and dressing and serve it in a rye bun. The most important part of this burger is the bun. In most grocery stores you can find light rye buns in the bakery section. Toasting the buns is a critical step as well. No one likes soggy buns!
Other options to consider: stuff the burger with cheese and sauerkraut; for meat lovers you might consider mixing the ground meat with cheese and chopped corned beef. Feel free to mix and match ingredients and quantities to your own tastes.
Serve it with the perfect summer side - corn on the cob.
Eat and enjoy!
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