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Ruby's Diner arrives in San Diego's east county

Ruby's Diner now in El Cajon
Ruby's Diner now in El Cajon

Who amongst the Americans belonging to the United States during the later part of the nineteenth century through all of the 20th century doesn’t love the diner?

Nostalgia never leaves

I’m not just talking about the prefab building housing those who carry on their affairs but I’m talking about the comfort foods as well.

Ruby’s Diner is an American chain of eateries where the atmosphere conspires to bring us all back to a different time. A time of nostalgia back when the proverbial days were the better ones in all of our lives. It is so from Walt Disney, Walter Knott & Cordelia Knott, though in the case of the Knott’s family they may have simply wanted to sell their berries from a roadside stand along state route 39, but that has grown into a theme park with it’s theme simply nostalgia or simpler times.

The creator of Ruby’s Diner, Doug Cavanaugh went from construction specialist who enjoyed renovations to CEO of an empire of restaurants with the 1940 theme of good old fashioned diners serving up burgers, fries and malts.

Starting with the renovation of an old dilapidated bait shop on the Newport Beach Pier he along with his buddy Ralph Kosmides, they struggled to make a go of it and succeed they did. They’ve built this chain into an organization boasting more than 50 locations nationwide with diners in

- California
- Hawaii
- New Jersey
- Nevada
- Pennsylvania
- Texas

Ruby’s Diner offered me my first look with their new location at 937 Parkway Plaza in El Cajon. Nancy and I went in just to see and my first thought was, “Why did Bob’s Big Boy leave?” They appear very similar.

Without doing my investigative reporter thing I can only say, “If you love that diner atmosphere along with the burgers, fries and shakes then fear not Ruby’s Diner is here!

They’ve nailed it on the atmosphere. Servers are all decked out in traditional garb. They appear to be on the same team and it’s a team looking to hit at a higher average than the San Diego Padres. Nancy and I had just eaten at the Brazen B.B.Q., which will be reviewed next and we had an order of fries with a chocolate shake. They were plenty good enough for us to be looking forward to our next attack of hamburger rage because the ones I watched parade by were looking mighty good.

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