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Rubio says no immigration system: President will act

How can Republicans criticize a President for acting on immigration when it is they who have failed to produce immigration reform? There is an immigration crisis:

President Obama will act on immigration reform
Photo Credit: Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty
  • Legacy of illegal immigrants requiring action
  • Border control and illegal immigrant issues

The job of President is to guide the continuous update of laws and regulations. When Congress fails to act, and when laws become obsolete due to neglect, un-funding, or legislative abandonment, than what is a President to do? The answer is to act by executive order and executive actions. That is entirely legal.

The glaring neglect by Congress requires executive action. Senator Marco Rubio tried to get his party behind his own legislation and they failed. Now, he pleads for Presidential inaction. Why?

“For all intents and purposes, America no longer has an immigration system. Instead, we have unsettling chaos,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., wrote in a letter earlier this week to Obama, urging him not to go forward with unilateral action.”

Here are reasons why Republicans don’t want the President to act on immigration.

  1. He will set a precedent with actions that Latino Americans appreciate.
  2. Republicans will appear negligent for failing to legislate.

The President admits through his spokesperson that there is no substitute for bipartisan legislation.

“Nothing the president does is a replacement for the kind of robust solution that passed with bipartisan support through the United States Senate, but the president is determined to act where House Republicans won’t,” Earnest said.

Fox News

Republicans had the ball and they still do. Act, and the President won’t have to.

The President’s actions may expand the 2012 Obama program that defers prosecution for those entered illegally as children that is about ½ million.

Republicans say that his actions would be illegal. The President might say, “So, impeach me. You are already suing me. Go ahead, make my day.”

At this juncture before midterm elections, the President’s actions are political and also powerful. It is a wake up call for voters to make a choice in November that will reflect their intentions.

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