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Rubio: 'packing' at NRA meeting or packing their ears with more BS?

Marco Rubio tells NRA conference what they want to hear; guns are good for you
John Gress/Getty Images

Marco Rubio, in his ‘defense of gun ownership’ talk to NRA, tells their audience that firearms are central to achieving the ‘American dream’. The ‘American dream’ he said, works best for white native born American citizens but also for those who have achieved political office regardless of nationality.

He stated, “It includes the ability to raise a family in a home that is stable, safe and secure. When I say ‘family’ I mean one in which a woman stays home, raises her children and hopefully home schools them unless she can send them to a state supported privately owned charter school that doesn’t have to test students to see if they meet applicable state standards.

All that rests on the ability to possess a firearm or have other means for self-protection.

We’d also like to thank the National Barbed Wire Association for their generous contribution to my ‘Let get on with safety, America PAC and remind everyone that yes, barbed wire is legal and will keep the ‘bad guys’ out.”

Rubio went over the top in his talk partly because of the ‘B’ rating he received for being ‘insufficiently wedded’ to the pro gun cause. The term ‘insufficiently wedded’ meant that he may not have visibly carried a gun into the meeting.

Striving to achieve the highest ratings from the gun nuts in attendance, he went on to say “The bigger the gun, the safer the family. A bazooka will work, but a hand grenade doesn’t have to be thrown directly at the perp, only near them.

This includes ‘stand your ground’ rule #1, if you feel threatened by the situation. For example if someone of another ethnicity cuts in line in front of you, or you ‘sense’ a danger when you can’t discern their accent, you can ‘stand your ground’ and let fly.”

Rubio applauded the Florida Legislature for advancing legislation that will ensure every student will be safe in school because of a possibility that teachers, administrators and those who can actually fill out a form can ‘pack heat’ while teaching.

To insure the new, law works, those with weapons in school must also sign a form stating that they will ‘never have a bad day’ and that ‘they will never miss’ if they ever confront a ‘bad guy with a gun’ or a ‘student who ‘went nuts’ because they failed an FCAT test or was mad at a teacher for a perceived slight.

In an effort to reach everyone who may not be able to actually read his speech he said, “guns be good’.

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