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Ruben Amaro's future seen in Philadelphia Phillies' trade deadline activity

Amaro's tenure has been filled with issues that are not all of his own making.
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Ruben Amaro, Jr. has one year remaining on his Philadelphia Phillies' contract. The non-waiver trade deadline (July 31, 2014) and the waiver trade deadline (August 31, 2014) should telegraph what the organization thinks about their current general manager.

If the ownership group has already decided that Amaro won't be given a contract extension, past his current 2015 limit, then it would seem logical to believe that major trade decisions could be deferred to the off-season. If the team plans to retain Amaro indefinitely, with a contract extension already decided, but not publicly announced, than he will be allowed to trade anyone this summer.

Let's assume that another GM will be put in place after the 2014 ends: In this case, Amaro would be allowed to trade players who are set to become free agents, or who will become arbitration eligible, but aren't seen as overly valuable Phillies' parts. Exchanging those men for whatever assets can be obtained makes sense. However, dealing more valuable roster pieces would be problematic.

Unless the next Phillies' top front office boss is currently on Amaro's staff and is therefore part of the decision-making process, it seems hard to imagine that the team would allow significant changes to be made by someone who won't be around long-term. However, if Amaro is going to remain in his position than all moves are on the table right now.

If Kyle Kendrick, Antonio Bastardo, Roberto Hernandez, or others of that ilk are dealt this summer major moves obviously wouldn't have been made. Yes, a lack of major deals could be ascribed to short interest in Philadelphia's players by other teams. But, couldn't the Phillies' artificially set the 'price' of their more valuable assets inordinately high as a way to defer decisions until the next regime is in place?

Customers often express opinions about businesses they frequent when times are tough. Certain fans, based upon personality type, have loudly shared their views about what has transpired since Amaro took over for Pat Gillick in the glorious fall of 2008. Two pending trade deadlines should help all factions to see whether another transfer of red pinstriped power has already been scheduled, or if the status quo is preferred.

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