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Rubber Soul-Greg Kihn

Published in 2013, musician and author Greg Kihn's latest novel Rubber Soul is entertaining readers and fans alike as the book explains the assassination attempt of The Beatles while in Manila in the 1960's.

The 297-page novel details the story of Bobby, also known as Dust Bin Bob, as the character interacts with the members of The Beatles. While Rubber Soul presents a fictional story based on the characters, Kihn makes certain to include 100 percent factual information on The Beatles.

While hosting a popular morning show on San Francisco's KFOX radio station, Kihn was given the opportunity to interview members of The Beatles. Interviews with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and original Beatles drummer Pete Best helped to produce the content contained within Rubber Soul.

In Chapter Three of the novel, the story's main character Dust Bin Bob witnesses The Beatles performing live at Lathom Hall. After a gang of thugs surround the band members, a fight ensues between the two opposing forces. Bouncers quickly escort the gang members off of the premises. Kihn recalls the particular interview in which the drama derived from. "After interviewing the original Beatles drummer Pete Best, I realized he was more talkative than the others." Kihn continues, "He talked about the beat down and how the band also didn't have any monitors to hear themselves."

Another important element contained within Rubber Soul was the main prosing question behind the novel: Were The Beatles almost assassinated in Manila? Throughout the novel, the band members are followed by both fans and enemies alike. The drama came to a boiling point during the band's trip to Manila. Kihn states, "If you go on YouTube, you will find an amazing video with The Beatles talking about Manila." In the YouTube clip, Paul McCartney and George Harrison are discussing their thoughts on the events that occurred while in Manila. After the interviewer asks, " George, would you ever go to Manila again?" Harrison quickly replied, "No. Because we'd heard it was a terrible place anyway. And when we got there it was proved." McCartney quickly chimes in to explain the band's reasoning in their decision. "They were obviously trying to make it rough for us and knew we couldn't do anything. All the papers had turned against us."

From the interview Kihn was able to write Chapter 32 of Rubber Soul. In the chapter titled "Thrilla In Manila", The Beatles were quickly shoved into a car. Dust Bin Bob became frantic, as he realized several of the Filipinos were armed with guns. Each event that occurred while in Manila was worse than before. The police went on a rampage, at times becoming brutal towards innocent fans of the band.

"I don't think there is another book like this one," Kihn explains, "There have never been fiction novels." When describing the writing style behind Rubber Soul compared to previous novels, Kihn states, "I wrote with a more natural writing style. Writing is a craft like learning to play the Guitar."

Besides publishing Rubber Soul, Greg Kihn is busy writing and preparing to release his sixth novel pertaining to the untimely 1969 death of Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones. The novel is slated to be released in 2014.

Though he is gaining critical acclaim for his writing techniques, Kihn is also still performing the music in which his fans first became accustomed to. "We began rehearsing two months ago, " Kihn states, "My son is the lead Guitarist for my band." With scheduled dates in California, Nevada, and Illinois, the Greg Kihn Band are staying busy with promoting Kihn's music to old and new fans alike.

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