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Rub-a-dub-dub three "little snowmen"?

Soap snowmen by Allentown tots
Soap snowmen by Allentown tots
Shari E. Transue

The Lehigh Valley is covered in snow. This makes for great sensory, science and art activities for little tots. But if you have found yourself in the situation where there is no snow outside for your themes and activities then there is an alternative.

Many websites and craft sites can tell you how to do this. Make soap snowmen, using soap flakes and some water – your little ones can gain a great sensory activity as well as a cool art project. Some local tots did just that – using the flakes and some water in a Ziploc baggie the flakes were molded into three balls, stacked and left to dry. It is a little sticky but a good rinse in the sink and off to the next wintry wonderland activity they go.

Older preschool children can even paint or color with markers once the snowmen dry – this even makes a neat gift or conversation piece. Use this activity along with the charming little story Littlest Snowman by Rita Walsh. Don’t forget, of course, when that snow falls – get outside or get that snow inside. Have an awesome winter and stay warm.