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RPG news roundup (12/14)


Old school is still cool, at least for gaming, as there were a few releases and annoucements coming from the resurgent "Old School Revival".

First, Robert Kuntz of Pied Piper Publishing announced that he is releasing a color module of the first 3 levels of the "Castle El Raja Key." This dungeon setting was used, according to Robert, to playtest the original D&D and had a hand in spawning the famous Greyhawk campaign and original D&D Greyhawk supplement. This is a very interesting development, given this year's brouhaha regarding Troll Lord Games, Gail Gygax and the "Castle Zagyg" series which was cancelled.

More old school news as an old Judges Guild setting, "Wilderlands of High Fantasy" gets new treatment with The Majestic Wilderlands, a campaign setting supplement for the ENnie-winner Swords & Wizardy RPG game. Written and published by Rob Conley of Bat in the Attic Games, this setting is sure to please anyone looking for new and interesting options to their original edition or first edition D&D games.

Rounding out our old school news, the imaginative standard-bearer of all things "pre-1990", Fight On! magazine, has just released their 8th issue. It's jam packed with material for games like "Empire of the Petal Throne"

Last year, RPG bloggers had a "coming out" of sorts with the release of a book "Open Game Table", an anthology of interesting and useful blog posts for general public. Now, Jonathan Jacobs of "The Core Mechanic" blog is doing it again for 2009 with annoucement of a nomination process for "Open Game Table 2". If there's an RPG blog post that you've found interesting or exciting for 2009, please drop on by and nominate it.

If you recall, I wrote earlier about the company Outlaw Press that had been outed for violating several artists IP rights by using their artwork. This has become a full time investigation by many in the RPG industry as now over 70 separate violations have been recorded. Ken St. Andre, author/producer of Tunnels & Troll has said on several Internet sites that he has revoked the license to T&T for Outlaw Press, but they are brazenly still selling product, even with an "Xmas sale" on their website! Dirty tricks, indeed... let us hope not a cent is paid to him anymore.

If you're looking for some last minute Christmas gifts for your RPG gamer, you might want to check these out:

And finally...

Randall at the blog has been offering contests and giveaways in exchange for contributions to help him with a set of devestating medical bills that his family has incurred this year. He recently gave away a set of original Dungeons and Dragons books and supplements to a private donor. He just received word that this donor auctioned off those books in a "20th Century Rarities" charity auction for... wait for it... EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS! I think I'd be gold plating the dice that I'd use for that expensive game. Kudos to the donor AND to those who've helped out Randall this year.