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RPG news roundup (1/4)


Welcome to 2010! Let's see how the RPG world ended last year and started up this new year! Judging from the looks of it, everyone was enjoying the holiday week.

Chicago News

It's not too late to make plans for this year's first Mashup Meetup! Hosted by as well as other gaming groups, this meetup brings a lot of fellow gamers together. There will be RPG games, board games and other groups at the Mystic Celt (Wrigleyville) on Tuesday from 6.30 till we go home!

World News

Brave Halfling Publishing is taking pre-orders on the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox boxed-set. Drawing from the original 1974 version of D&D, this boxed set is the perfect retroclone game/toolkit to make your own fantasy adventures. This boxed set will have 4 rule books, dice, graph paper, character sheets and pencil.

Now until Friday morning, has priced 20 of their best selling RPG PDFs for $10 each. Including Song of Fire & Ice, Battlestar Galactica, Geist, HERO (6th edition), Mouse Guard and more. If you have some holiday cash, this might be the perfect way to spend a bit of it and get some good deals.

Want to own an RPG license? You could... microlite20, the fascinating rules-light release by Robin "Greywulf" Stacey is now up for sale, including website, original rules document and rights to do with it what you will. It is an OGL-based game and has spawned a lot of interest and not a few spin-offs.


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