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RPG news roundup (1/11)


Chicago news

Unique Gifts & Games in Grayslake IL is hosting a Car Wars game tonight from 6 to 9pm. Car Wars is not only a great board/mini game, but it's updates also allow it to become a fun RPG. Ever wanted to play Mad Max type games? Car Wars is for you. UGG has also updated their website - I like the new look! 

If you've every heard of the game Paranoia, watched Logan's Run and wondered what that kind of future would be like, or just wanted to play a game where you could set up your fellow characters for misfortune, then next Sunday's demo (1/17) is for you!'s "JoshK" is running a Paranoia one-shot at Rose's Lounge in near-north Chicago. Just remember to trust the computer!

Worldwide News

If you are a fan of the RPG Legend of Five Rings (L5R), then ENworld's new column will bring you a lot of happiness. Alderac Entertainment Group, the publishers, are releasing official designer diaries throughout the process of creating their game's 4th edition. They promise preview art, information and insights into the development of the new version. The first diary is already up.

Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions (Don't Rest Your Head, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies) has continued in his tradition of RPG business transparency by releasing his sales numbers and observations for the latter half of 2009. Many other small press RPG publishers are following suit. It's an interesting look into the state and expectations of our little hobby.

If playing in the ages (and myths) of King Arthur is your thing, you may have heard of the RPG called Pendragon. First released in 1985, the series hadn't seen much activity since a 5th edition was released in 2005. Now comes word (via blogs The RPG Corner and RPG Blog 2) that the license (and apparently services of the original designer, Greg Stafford) has been purchased by a former White Wolf employee Stewart Wieck. Stewart is going to start his own company and keep the title going. This game continues to attract a great many people who sit down and play it, and any news that good titles in our industry will keep going is happy news indeed.

Wizards of the Coast's Bart Carroll has done a bit of Rumor Control in his latest column about WotC's plans for early 2010. There will apparently be a Player's Handbook 3 coming in March with 4 new races and 6 new classes. This article also previews some artwork from the PhB3 as well as talks about other new titles coming early this year.

I wrote last Friday about the great regional convention at the end of this month - WinterWar 37. Now comes reminders that GenCon Indy 2010 preparations are beginning. Event submission will start Wednesday, Jan 13th with Badge Preregistration starting on January 26th. GenCon is so pleased with how housing (hotel room) registration went last year that they will repeat the same procedure this year with starting housing registration on Tuesday, Jan 26th. Wow. It feels like GenCon 2009 just ended.

And finally, if the vendor name of Noble Knight seems familiar, that's because they keep landing new titles from the "old school/retro school" world into their online store. Post-apocalypse Mutant Future is now in stock, from Goblinoid Games, the publishers of Labyrinth Lord.


  • UGG 5 years ago

    Sorry that was a temporary website address while we were getting it all together, so that link to the Car Wars event is now bad.

    We are however, planning more of them soon in February, and you can see our entire calendar of events at


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