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RPG Chicago news roundup (3/2)

Miniatures from GameDay
Miniatures from GameDay
Michael Shorten

March is here! Holy cow, where is the year going, already? Soon you'll be telling me that it's time for GenCon and I know that I'm not ready for that yet!

Last Saturday (2/27) was the ENWorld Gameday at Games Plus in Mt. Prospect. It was a fantastic event with a lot of games and a lot of players. There was a huge miniatures battle featuring many armies, a miniatures painting event and plenty of games for people to play in. And donuts! Can't argue with that. The next Gameday will be on June 12th, so please stay tuned for links to sign up.

I also had the pleasure of meeting "Chadarius" of the Lords of Tyr podcast. He and his son painted some miniatures next to me at Gameday. The podcast is produced in the Chicagoland area. Give it a listen!

The big news this week is the Game Plus Spring Auction. Based on the merchandise coming in on Saturday, this should be a great event! Here's the week-long schedule:

  • 03/02 - Tuesday - Last day to drop off items
  • 03/03 - Wednesday -  Collectible Games Auction begins at 7pm (preview at 6pm)
  • 03/04 - Thursday - Game Room Closed (Auction setup time)
  • 03/05 - Friday - Historical and Family Game Auction begins at 7 pm (preview at 6pm)
  • 03/06 - Saturday -  Fantasy / Sci-Fi Auction begins at 11am (preview at 10am)
  • 03/07 - Sunday - Miniatures Auction begins at 11 am (preview at 10am)

The meetup/mashup will be moving to a different date this week - March 12th. More details to come at the Meetup calendar. The Chicago-area D&D Meetup Group's March game will be on March 14th at Prairie Moon in Evanston.


  • NateS 5 years ago

    Did I mess up the schedule? I coulda sworn I put it on for 3/2, tonight. Greets from Singapore btw...

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