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Royal wedding in America; America's fascination with Chelsea Clinton

Getty Images The Clinton Family, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea

The American fascination with the Chelsea Clinton wedding is hard for many in this country to fathom but when it comes to reality a multi-million dollar wedding for the daughter of a popular former US President is really not unlike the Royal weddings of Europe. The difference is we don't have Royals in this country. We fought a war over 200 years ago to make sure we didn't have any Royals.

Still the Clinton's are the closest thing to American Royalty there is. In earlier years it was the Kennedy Clan. The days of Camelot and JFK, all before the glow started to fade. The Kennedy's remain the true quintessential American Royalty due in part to the legend and the tragedies which have befallen them. So many violent deaths they can be compared to the Hapsburg's and the other long lines of Royals across European history.

The Clinton's remain popular; Hillary was almost president and still could be. As Madam Secretary of State she holds a well connected post and hasn't done anything to screw it up. Bill remains one of the most popular people on earth, does a tremendous lot of good through fund raising and even works with his arch rivals, the Bush men, on certain projects today. He's done enough to screw it up but it seems to just fall off his shoulders. And Chelsea? Who could find anything wrong with her.

Chelsea remains a lovable person Americans just like. She is attractive but not the most beautiful girl on the street. She's smart and seems politically savvy enough to answer questions and above all not to answer questions on the campaign trail for mom. Her looks? Straight from mom. Her personality? It seems they gave it to her as well as what she developed.

Sure they may be spending around $5 million of other people's money for this wedding. The media frenzy is unbelievable. The government has created a "no-fly" zone over the rich and wealthy estate where the wedding takes place and the president has turned down a request to attend. Don't make too much out of that last item. Mr. Obama knows the intrusion  a presidential visit is on any event and to possibly ruin a "bride's special day" because the president attended the wedding isn't a good thing. Kudos's to the president for making the choice not to go.

So is this a Royal Wedding? Not in the sense of Charles and Diana but in the sense of what we allow as far as royalty in the USA, yes it is. This wedding has all the political trappings of a royal affair. The Clinton's epic financial, political and marital troubles are well documented so no need to further add words here. Marc Mezvinsky on the other hand seems to be clean if his parents are not. Some might call it a mixed marriage; Chelsea is a Methodist, Marc a nice Jewish boy. A Wall Street guy, a hedge fund investment banker with a nearly $4 million New York residence.

Mom and dad are both former congresspersons. Mom was also an Emmy Award winning reporter, a single mom who adopted children and lost a re-election bid by voting for a Clinton tax hike. In fact, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky was the deciding vote. She was voted out next term. Dad, got caught bilking investors out of $10 million and after a prison term is now out on probation. Congressman Ed Mezvinsky spent five years in jail and may or may not come to the wedding.

If he does he'll hob nob with Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand among other celebs as like all Royal weddings the guest list features a lot of heavyweight folks who are seen more on television than in person. There hasn't been a White House wedding in longer than most people can remember and when it came to the daughter of George W. Bush getting married she chose no White House and no fanfare.

Clinton Royalty? Sure why not? It is as close to certain blue blood lines as we get in America. Probably as close as we should get.


  • cjm 5 years ago

    If the Clinton's are royalty..........I'm the King of Siam

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