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Royal Thai Chicago - gluten-free take-out

On the north side of Chicago, on Montrose just west of Damen, sits a small Thai restaurant that offers its gluten-intolerant patrons a delicious option for those who need to satisfy an Asian food fix. Available delivery, albeit slightly hit-or-miss on where they will deliver to, allows for a Celiac to order a satisfying meal in whenever the desire arises.

Royal Thai has a gluten-free "special sauce" that can be incorporated into virtually any menu item, creating a delicious gluten-free meal from any otherwise dangerous selection. Each dish comes with a side of rice, a staple for most Celiacs. While their first language may not be English, and they may not always understand the meaning of "gluten-free", the words "no wheat" or "wheat-free" combined with "special sauce" is all that is needed to get the point across. This special sauce is like a white wine-based sauce, yielding a light but tasty flavor that does not leave one missing the soy sauce-base it typically replaces. Fried rice made from this sauce is wonderful, and although the special sauce-based stir fry dishes tend not to taste all that different from one another, the different meats, vegetables and nuts in the dishes create enough of a variety to keep them from getting boring.

So, if you are looking for a good choice for gluten-free Thai near the Lakeview, North Center, Roscoe Village or Ravenswood neighborhoods, look up Royal Thai. You will not be dissatisfied with any of your choices.


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