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Royal power dysfunction: Is Charles and Camilla jealous of Kate and William?

It may be a power blow that has stuck some of the goings-on’s at Kensington Palace. Even though Price Charles has the birthright to be crowned the next King it seems that the people as well as Queen Elizabeth II would prefer Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to rule.

Prince Charles and Camilla trying to take over Kate and Prince William!
Don Arnold / Getty Images

In the latest news release from Entertainment News Celebrity Laundry on Jan. 23 it seems that the merger of staff between the two royal offices becoming one may just have ulterior motives behind it. This may be a power play by Charles to take control and reins over his son and daughter-in-laws lives.

Kate and William have set their goals regarding their duties and carry them out efficiently as well as with a heart for the people of the world with a style that is all their own. Charles on the other hand never really showed a kind and personable personality and seems to have taken a back seat to his children in the eye of the public.

The merger of the two offices seems to be a ploy to keep Kate and William under the thumb of Charles and Camilla. Now everything that is connected to Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince George has been handed over to their elders even though they have done an exceptional job of promoting their duties and limiting publicity to what is deemed proper, presentable while still being able to keep much of their personal lives private.

What are Camilla and Prince Charles up to? Will this hurt the Duke and Duchess? It is rumored that Camilla isn’t all that fond of Kate. Will she play dirty with the Duchess? Are they that jealous of their children that they need to take the reins and try to control them at this stage in their lives? Haven’t Kate and William done a wonderful job no matter what they touch?

It seems this may be the beginning of many other factors in the transition as well as the staff office merger. This doesn’t sound like it will be a smooth transition and that feathers will be ruffled sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts about Charles taking things over for his children?

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