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Royal play date: Prince George on his first official royal engagement

New Zealand has proved to be quite a fun time so far for Prince George and his famous mommy and daddy, Prince William and Duchess Kate. The royal family took part in a new parents’ party with other families on Wednesday, as reported by People on April 9. The baby prince was also shown perfecting his crawling skills as he was having fun with his new playmates.

Prince George plays with Kate's hair.
Prince George plays with Kate's hair.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

This first official royal engagement, held in the Blandor Room at the Government House, looked like a regular day care with ten local babies meeting each other and toys scattered all about. Some of the babies burst into tears but the baby prince was having a great time. His daddy might have been a little overwhelmed at the room full of infants.

"It's madness, there are babies everywhere!" Prince William was heard saying.

This was all organized by the non-profit childcare group The Royal New Zealand Plunket Society as a fun start to the royal family’s three week April Tour Down Under. The threesome touched down on Monday after a long flight and they have had an interesting couple of days so far.

The 8-month-old baby prince seemed to enjoy every minute of his play date as he reached out to the other babies and picking up some toys that caught his interest. He was all decked out in a cute blue outfit with a sailboat on the front and sweet blue shoes to match.

At one point, baby George looked like he was trying to impress one of the cute girls when he tried grabbing her hand as mommy Kate was holding him. However, the infant girl decided it was way too soon for a royal romance. He even enjoyed grabbing and chewing on strands of his mother’s hair. However, Duchess Kate didn’t seem to mind as she was chatting away with the other parents.

Prince William even shared some tidbits with some of the other parents as well. He mentioned that baby George is now teething and that he gets up to give their son a bottle every night before he gets tucked into bed.

It looks like it was quite a successful first royal engagement for Prince George and his proud parents. He is looking more handsome every day and seems to be capturing the hearts of people everywhere.

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