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Royal offices join forces: Prince Charles & Queen Elizabeth II to share staffing

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have a lot on their plates. In order to keep track of all the royal duties, charities and business dealings combined with family activities they each have a staff that handles all their scheduling.

Progress for the Royal Family!
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Now that Charles’ mother is eighty-seven years old he once again has asked to assist her in some of the work load, engagements and an array of other duties. In the past the Queen has been reluctant to agree. She has changed her mind according to a news report on Jan. 20 from UPI and the two major royal offices are now going to make the transition and combine forces in the form of a merger.

The two teams consist of people who are in charge of scheduling and communications. They will now begin to work as a team leaving only one group to handle everything for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. All of their daily events and communications with the public will be done as one.

Charles thinks this is best to lessen the burden of work that his mother has endured and at her age she should start thinking of a lighter load. Although she has been a strong woman who can handle a loaded schedule and will continue to do so this change will make things easier for her and begin the transition to the throne that Charles will one day over see.

This is only one step for the family to deal with for there are many other factors and duties that will have to be worked through for the future. Since Queen Elizabeth II agrees that this is a good place to start. Eventually Prince Charles will take on some of the Queen’s duties and pass his knowledge into his sons. This will get them ready for the day in the distant future when they’ll need to know the ropes and take over his duties.

Merging teams is a great start towards the family transition of duties!

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