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Royal nanny for Prince George? Why did Kate Middleton change her mind?

Kate Middleton and Prince William looking for a royal nanny
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In an about-face, Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly asked the duke's former nanny, 71 year old Jessie Webb, to care for Prince George. According to an August 12 report by the Mirror, the first time parents have asked Webb to come out of retirement to care for their newborn.

Until now, it's been widely reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would not hire a nanny. Those close to them stressed they planned to be very hands-on parents and rely on the Middletons for help caring for the royal baby. But now comes news broke that the parents of 3-week-old Prince George have decided they may actually need hired help. So what's changed their minds?

There are actually several factors, according to reports, that have Duchess Kate now considering outside help.

Return to Work:

With Prince William back to work at RAF Anglesey Kate Middleton has been left as the sole parent to care for Prince George. Granted, she is staying with her parents in Berkshire for a few weeks where grandma Carole is helping, but that is only temporary. According to reports with William gone and Kate left to care for the baby and plan their move to Kensington Palace, she's beginning to recognize she may need to accept outside help. With all the demands on the duchess those close to the duchess have apparently been urging her to make more permanent childcare arrangements for when she returns to work too.

The Grandma Carole Factor:

The days of Carole and Michael Middleton helping the Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George are numbered. The newborn and Kate are only expected to stay at their Berkshire home for about three more weeks. While it's believed Carole Middleton will have a significant presence is George's life - as his sole grandmother - she and her husband own their own business and must get back to work. Plus, too much Carole may be frowned up by the royals. "There is also a feeling that Kate might lay herself open to criticism if she is seen letting her mother have too much influence," a source tells the Daily Mail.

Royal Mom Advice:

Prince Andrew's wife, Sophie Countess of Wessex, has reportedly advised Kate to consider hiring a nanny warning she will be exhausted if she tries to do it all herself. Sophie employs two full-time nannies who look after her two children. Zara Philips, who is expecting a royal baby of her own in early 2014, also reportedly plans to hire a nanny to care for her child.

The Palace's official line is that it's "too early" to discuss any plans for a royal nanny or any other type of childcare for Prince George.

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