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Royal couple separate ways, Prince Harry preps for 2014 World Cup

Prince Harry and Prince William arrive at the infamous England versus Algeria game at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesberg, South Africa.
Prince Harry and Prince William arrive at the infamous England versus Algeria game at the 2010 World Cup in Johannesberg, South Africa.
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

There have been many whispers and rumours following the split between the royal couple Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas. A mysterious dinner home cooked by His Royal Highness himself at Kensington Palace has fueled a wide body of speculation on whether or not, or when as preferred by most royal watchers, this royal couple is going to get back together. By all accounts, not any time soon as both parties appear to have at least momentarily gone their separate ways. On June 4 Vanity Fair reported Prince Harry was going back to his old ways and suggesting the Prince was very much "definitely a bachelor". People Magazine confirmed on June 6 that Prince Harry is not the only one thinking the show must go on as Cressida Bonas has landed a movie role that will take her away from any royal romantic inclinations.

It was not all that long ago when Prince Harry was wooing Cressida Bonas with home cooking and mysterious Royal secrets at Kensington Palace with Palace insiders reporting it as an effort to rekindle their broken romance. An invitation to Devon was proffered by His Royal Highness, but whether or not that date will transpire remains to be seen. Vanity Fair reports that the "on again off again" romance between the Prince and his Cressie is truly over.

Vanity Fair quoted a palace insider who said, "He's pretty much said he's out to have fun now that he's single. He wants to meet a girl and he is definitely a bachelor." There were some murmurings last week that the Prince may have been flirting with a blonde at the Audi Polo Challenge, and all that the source would confirm on that was that,

"He came with ten friends as well as William. Usually Harry leaves after lunch, but this year he stayed and danced the night. William went home to see Catherine and George. He was hopeful of getting back together but it's not going to happen. He was sad, but he's dusted himself off and is now moving on. He's on the lookout for a new girlfriend already."

Some sources are speculating that high on the list of the Prince's attention are Amanda Shepherd, who was Prince Harry's date for the wedding of Prince Harry's friend Guy Pelly. Guy Pelly's wedding that took place in Memphis earlier this spring was reportedly on the calendar of Cressida Bonas before the royal couple broke up. Amanda Shepherd was the Prince's next choice for a date, and has been the first name mentioned for potential "next in line" for the arm of Prince Harry. If this is where the Prince's affections do lie, he may have to step up his efforts as Amanda Shepherd is not short of suitors.

Nor is Cressida Bonas who the Prince will have to put a pause on affections for if that is where his loyalties lie. People Magazine reports that thespian Cressida Bonas has landed a movie role alongside Dame Judi Dench in the role of the wife of a merchant for the film Tulip Fever that is being produced by Weinstein Company. Cressida Bonas will be working with Matthew Morrison from Glee, and UK model Cara Delevingne. Producer Harvey Weinstein is reportedly thrilled to have Cressida "joining the fantastic cast that's been assembled."

Throwing themselves into work seems to be this royal couple's method to their madness when it comes to moving on. Cressida reportedly told The Sunday Times earlier in June that, "Acting, dancing, and singing is something I have done my whole life. Being part of a creative team is the best thing in the world and I feel very happy within a creative environment."

This environment is likely one that she would have to sacrifice for the life of one half of a royal couple. If that is her happiest environment, a reunion between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas is unlikely. Prince Harry is throwing himself into work just as devotedly, immersing himself in the environments that he is most happy in.

Later this month that will mean heading to Brazil where Prince Harry will watch England compete against Costa Rica in the 2014 World Cup games according to the BBC. Secretary to Prince Harry, Edward Lane Fox has told the BBC that Harry will be attneding the game and visiting both Chile and Brazil as a part of his royal duties and to support his charitable foundations.

Many Roywal watchers might remember the last time that the Prince attended the World Cup was at the 2010 World Cup when England got booed following a goal less game against Algeria. England's game against Costa Rica will be critical in bringing England back up to good standings in the 2014 World Cup and also in the world of soccer graces.

Secretary to His Royal Highness told the BBC,

"The prince will carry the good wishes of his brother, who is president of the FA [Football Association], and will be hoping like everybody else that it will be slightly more memorable than the last England World Cup match he attended, and that he will be cheering England on to the knock-out stages with the other fans.

Prince Harry is visiting both countries on behalf of the British government to help support UK interests in the region and also in support of his own charitable interests which include disadvantaged children, promotion of sustainable conservation and support to the armed forces.

The itinerary is tailored to Prince Harry's interests and, as you may expect, will contain both a mixture of formal and informal."

In addition to the game against Costa Rica, Prince Harry has multiple other Royal duties on his agenda. Prince Harry will be meeting with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in Santiago, popping in to a nursery school, and visiting a military base to speak to those in the forces. He will be far too busy to consider too many serious relationship woes, and at this time with the Prince…and with Cressida Bonas…anything is possible.

Do you think there is any chance they will get back together?

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