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Royal Canadian Legion plays hosts to Stewart Walker Memorial Dart tournament

Susan Guca (left) with daughter Jessie Walker
Susan Guca (left) with daughter Jessie Walker
Jim Morrison

The Royal Canadian legion (Branch 245), in Dorval, welcomed 44 players of all skill level for the third annual Stewart Walker dart tournament for diabetes awareness.

Mary Walker, the late wife, of the above mentioned, wanted to remember her husband in a positive and meaningful manner.

The Legion was happy to help out a long standing member in hosting the event.

“It was great seeing everyone at the fundraiser. We had an outstanding time.” said Sue Guca, a volunteer, and daughter of Mary and Stewart Walker.

Diabetes is a chronic, incurable disease that occurs when the body doesn’t produce any or enough insulin, leading to an excess of sugar in the blood. Insulin, which is produced by the pancreas, is a hormone that helps the cells of the body use the glucose, (sugar) in food. Cells need this energy in order to function properly.

An estimated 760,000.00 Quebecers have diabetes; with 200,000.00 of who are unaware they have the disease.

The organizers of the dart tournament are thrilled that $1000.00 was raised for the Quebec Diabetes association.

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