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Roy Williams said Michael Irvin ticked him off

Roy Williams says Michael Irvin's comments helped his play
Roy Williams says Michael Irvin's comments helped his play
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Roy Williams had one of his best games as a Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, helping the Cowboys win their first game of the season against the Houston Texans.

Williams tells Sports Radio that his good game was partially sparked by comments former Cowboys great Michael Irvin made recently:

"Michael Irvin picked me up a little bit with the 10-on-11 comment. That really ticked me off and that’s taken me to another level. My thing is just be consistent, don’t worry about what everybody else says and just do my job.”

Williams had five catches, for 117 yards and two touchdowns.

The win put the Cowboys at 1-2 for the season as they approach the bye week. The win also likely saved coach Wade Phillips' job. Rumors went viral all week after the Cowboys lost to the Bears last week.

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  • bevomav 4 years ago

    It is embarrassing that a guy paid millions of dollars has to get motivated by a comment from an ex-player. Go out and earn the money you are being paid. I guess this next game if Michael says Roy is a good player, Roy will go back to sucking..What a joke.

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