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Roy Nelson wins The Ultimate Fighter, Matt Hamil wins due to controversial disqualification

Roy Nelson won The Ultimate Fighter final and gains a six figure contract with the UFC.
Roy Nelson won The Ultimate Fighter final and gains a six figure contract with the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter finals between Roy "Big Country" Nelson and Brendan Schaub ended in exciting fashion. Nelson delivered a knockout blow in the very first round. Nelson, the former IFL heavyweight champ, now has a six figure contract with the UFC.

Two other fights between The Ultimate Fighter contestants also ended in exciting knockouts. Matt Mitrione knocked out Marcus Jones ten seconds into the second round of their fight. Both Mitrione and Jones are former NFL players. James McSweeney defeated Darril Schoonover by way of technical knockout in the third round of their fight.

Matt Veach looked impressive in the first round against UFC veteran Frankie Edgar. Veach was able to pick Edgar up and slam him to the ground a number of times. Edgar was able to land some good punches in the second round  and later took Veach's back. From there, Edgar locked Veach in a rear naked choke submission and gained the win in the second round.

Mark Bocek was also a winner by way of rear naked choke. He defeated Joe Brammer in the first round of their fight. Bocek displayed good wrestling skills as he was able to take Brammer down early in the fight.

The highly anticipated fight between Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander was more of a trench-warfare standoff than an all out brawl for most of the fight. Alexander wanted to test the durability of Slice's legs by circling Slice and picking his spots for throwing leg kicks. Slice was visibly frustrated as he was unable to engage any meaningful action with Alexander in the first round. Slice was able to land some heavy punches in the second round. He also had one of the more impressive takedowns in recent UFC history. Slice performed something akin to a judo throw and Alexander landed right on his head and upper back with the full weight of Slice on top of him. Slice showed much improved ground skills. He maneuvered his way to taking Alexander's back and attempted to work a few submissions. In the third round, Alexander landed a devastating leg kick that took Slice to the ground, but Alexander was unable to capitalize. Kimbo landed some more punches in that round, but the fight went the distance. Kimbo Slice won by unanimous judges decision.

Once again, referee Steve Mazzagatti was involved in a controversial UFC bout. Rising prospect Jon "Bones" Jones was extremely impressive against Matt Hamil. Jones was able to mount Hamil early in the first round and landed a series of punches and elbows. Mazzagatti called timeout to dock Jones a point on the judges' cards for delivering an illegal straight up and down elbow to the head of Hamil. Hamil was unable to continue the fight and Mazzagatti awarded Hamil the victory due to disqualification. However, Jones was dominating the fight long before he threw the illegal elbow. Jones pretty much bullied Hamil in a way that no one else has been able to. A "no contest" would have been a fairer outcome since giving Jones a loss undermines just how impressive he was in the short fight. Jones showed great humility though during his interview following the disqualification loss. Expect to see Jones continue his climb up the ladder in the UFC light heavyweight division.