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Roy Huff's "Everville" Series Rivals those of Famous Fantasy Writers


The fantasy genre became hugely appreciated by millions of readers after Tolkien wrote the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. From that moment on, the fantasy genre has grown in popularity and has been enriched by the contribution of several writers, such as J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, and Neil Gaiman. Featuring a well-crafted fictional world, memorable characters, and beautiful cover art, “The City of Worms” – second installment in the “Everville” series – represents Roy Huff’s contribution to the fantasy genre.

“Everville” consists of three novels – “The First Pillar,” “The City of Worms,” and “The Rise of Mallory” – whose story follows the adventures of Owen Sage, a college student at Easton Falls University. In the second book, “The City of Worms,” Owen finally understands how dangerous are the Them, and how serious their threat. The protagonist has to become the ally of various creatures, both familiar – from the first installment in the series – and new ones, so that he may defend both the idyllic Everville and the Earthly Realm. Throughout the entire novel, Owen is confronted with new challenges and many dark secrets are revealed.

In writing “The City of Worms,” Roy Huff has proven his literary craftsmanship, creating a beautiful work of fantasy. This book brings together original characters, an engaging storyline, and a well-built fictional universe. In each realm – Everville, the Earthly Realm, and the Other In-Between Lands – the reader becomes familiar with a wealth of settings and an impressive cast of characters – for example, Marmooks, From, and Ubaloo. Another important factor that renders “The City of Worms” all the more pleasant and entertaining is the descriptive writing: battles, scenery, and characters are skillfully illustrated, allowing the readers to imagine perfectly Huff’s fantasy world.

You may find “The First Pillar” free on Amazon from 1/28 to 2/1, and “The City of Worms” from 1/24 to 1/27. Also, if you want to win a copy of “The Rise of Mallory” signed by Roy Huff, enter the competition on the Goodreads page of the novel.

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