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Roy Garber 'Shipping Wars' passed away

Roy Garber 'Shipping Wars'
Roy Garber 'Shipping Wars'

Roy Garber from A&E’s reality TV series, “Shipping Wars” passed away on Jan. 17, 2014 from a major heart attack. According to TMZ, Roy was rushed to a Texas hospital, but he died shortly after arrival.

A rep from A&E released this statement, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of a member of the A&E family [...] Our thoughts are with Roy’s loved ones during this difficult time. He will be missed.”

Sources told TMZ that Roy had an on-going heart problem for quite some time. He leaves behind his teenage son, Travis, his cat Muffy and a long-time girlfriend. Muffy always traveled with Roy on the road. She was good company for Roy and probably helped reduce the stress he was under when picking up and delivering shipments. Roy was a top earner on the show and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

According to Roy's Bio on A&E, Roy raised Travis by himself for more than 18 years and his son even made an appearance in one or two episodes of “Shipping Wars.” Before “Shipping Wars” Roy ran a small home building and remodeling company until Travis was ready to graduate. Roy changed occupations. He started his own shipping company, “Arbies Team Transpot” and began shipping items across the US. Roy could do almost anything, from wrestling an alligator to welding and he showed his many talents as he tore down and secured each load. When Roy wasn’t working, he liked to fish and was a master scuba diver.

In the opening segment of “Shipping Wars,” Roy is filmed saying, “Nickels holding up a dollar.” Roy had a large fan base that grew since the show started in Jan. 2012. On Jan. 15, 2014, "Shipping Wars" wrapped up its fifth season. Friends and fans are saddened to learn that their favorite shipping star is gone.

Our thoughts, and prayers go out to Roy's family and friends during this time. We shall miss him.

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