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Roxanna striving to touch lives through music on debut album 'Exotica'

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Roxanna is currently impressing on the adult contemporary music charts following the release of her debut album, Exotica. As the title suggests, the record blends an international flavor with the energy of mainstream pop music. It's a reflection of the artist herself, who was born in Iran and raised primarily in Canada. She sat down with us for a conversation about Exotica and the varied history that led her to becoming a rising musical performer.

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"I love music that makes me feel deeply and I want to bring romance and glamour back to music," she explained. "I want my audience to share in my love for Flamenco and Spanish style, and to feel the excitement and passion of a new relationship as it flourishes."

"I'm really proud of the whole album. It's been a labor of love and to see it reach the public is a wonderful feeling," she continued. "I have collaborated with some of the worlds greatest musicians and producer, and had an opportunity to perform in incredible places. Some of the highlights would be songs that I've been able to co-write that pay homage to my mother, including 'Beautiful Rose' and 'Here With Me,' and singing covers of some of the greatest songs ever written, like 'The Air That I Breathe' and 'Hello.'"

Roxanna's journey to making a debut record was a longer one than most aspiring artists. Prior to becoming a full-time singer, Roxanna had another rewarding career as a nurse. Asked about making the transition from one occupation to another, she told us, "I've been lucky in my life to have two careers that I love, to help people heal and to perform for audiences. The fact that I can do both is inspiring and satisfying to me; that I can sing and that my voice has the power to bring joy into someone's life who has been suffering. So there is still a strong connection to my old life with my new."

"It is amazing to be doing something that is for many such a dream, and I'm incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to live that dream," she explained. "Like any other job, it has its challenges, but I am totally committed and passionate about music and the business aspect. I am an independent artist, so I'm able to make things happen for myself with my team, but also I have my own label, which means I'm involved with every decision, so that makes it interesting that's for sure!"

"If anything has surprised me, it's the amount that goes into making something happen that superficially appears easy," she added, "but there's a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that allows it to look so easy!"

Now that her voice is out in the music world, she's looking forward to continuing to touch lives in a positive way, simply through another method. "I'd love for my audience to hear my music, and if they are inspired in any way by it, and that leads to them purchasing my music or a ticket to one of my shows, then I think I will have succeeded," she reflected. "I would love the opportunity to tour the world, meet my fans and make a true connection, just like my idols did for me."

"I've been a passionate music lover all of my life, whether as an escape from the crazy world around me or simply as a fan," Roxanna told us. "The artists I loved growing up - Julio Iglesias, Olivia Newton-John, George Michael - have all been inspirations to me, and now I have my own artist career, I have been able to honor them by covering their songs, or performing them, which is incredible!"

Roxanna's debut album, Exotica, is available now via Amazon. You can also visit her website at