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'Rowdy' Roddy Pipper says he receives visits from dead wrestlers

WWE network’s “Legends House” made its debut last night. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and several other WWE legends appear on the reality program. Speaking of Piper, on Wednesday, Fox News interviewed him and discussed his appearance on Lifetime’s “Haunting of” series. He mentioned receiving visits from the following dead wrestlers: Owen Heart, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, and Adrian Adonis. While alive, the four men were close friends with Piper.

Former WWE wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Photo by Bryan Bedder

Today, Roddy Piper remains an elder statesman for professional wrestling. He is in the WWE Hall of Fame, and one of the world’s most recognized professional wrestlers. Although he had earned a name for himself in the now defunct NWA wrestling circuit, he became an icon after his 1984 WWE arrival. For awhile, he battled Hulk Hogan inside the ring and traded barbs with the “Hulkster” outside the ring.

In WrestleMania I, Hogan and actor Mr. T. defeated Piper and Paul Orndorff in a tag team match. Piper also hosted “Piper’’s Pit” where he interviewed and humiliated his “guests.” He would often anger visitors, which would end in either a screaming match or a brawl. After WrestleMania III, Piper took a break from wrestling to try his hand at acting. He appeared in John Carpenter’s corny science fiction movie called “They Live.”

The movie involved Piper fighting WWE style against aliens disguised as humans. Piper’s character finds unique glasses that allow him to see through the alien disguises. With his new glasses, he leads a revolt against the mysterious aliens.

After a short-lived acting career, the rowdy one returned to his wrestling roots. Though Piper has left the WWE on several occasions, like a prodigal son, he always returns with even more shenanigans than in his previous WWE stint.

Known for his battles against Hulk Hogan, Piper has also had well-known battles with Ric Flair, Jimmy Snuka and Greg Valentine. It’s not known if Piper will discuss visits from deceased wrestlers on “Legends House,” but with Roddy Piper in the house, many wrestling fans will probably tune in.

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